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Farm 491

Media Partner

Farm491 is a UK based leading technology incubator and innovation space focused on the future of farming and food systems.

Based and owned by the Royal Agricultural University we work with entrepreneurs through all their stages of growth, leveraging our unique network of academic, industry and farming contacts and in house experts to help companies achieve their aspirations. This is primarily achieved through strategic advice, support raising investment, finding the right talent to build the team, access to new customers and being part of a network of other entrepreneurs.



Media Partner

Farms.com Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative information products and services for the global agriculture and food industries.

Farms.com can be accessed through our internationally recognized agriculture information portal, which has business services and resources for more than 25,000 agribusiness professionals and livestock and crop producers who use it each day.

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Media Partner

Agritecture has grown into the world’s leading advisory firm on urban and controlled environment agriculture.

Agritecture was founded by Henry Gordon-Smith in 2014 (originally “Blue Planet Consulting”) to help entrepreneurs navigate the crucial planning stage for their urban farming business and avoid costly mistakes. Since then, Agritecture has grown into the world’s leading advisory firm on urban and controlled environment agriculture, working with clients of all types - from entrepreneurs, to investors, to technology providers - in more than 25 countries.

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UK Urban Agritech

Media Partner

The UK Urban AgriTech collective, or UKUAT, brings together the UK’s key players in modern agricultural technologies. 

We’re a cross-industry group devoted to promoting urban agtech as a solution for food and environmental crises. We influence policy by sharing information, educating, and communicating practitioner needs as one. We promote the uptake of agtech in urban and peri-urban settings by uniting to attract funding and customers.

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