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To provide a direct link between investors and agritech entrepreneurs, while also inspiring the future generation of innovators by learning about the industry's current issues and trends.



The Global Agritech Investment Assembly is an annual gathering of industry leaders from the agricultural, technology, and innovation fields, as well as leading agribusiness companies, associations, governmental organisations, plus farmers, food producers and investors from across the world.

The event is intended to establish communication links between these industry experts in order to provide opportunities for innovation, thinking, and learning, as well as to showcase the latest technology, in order to create a better future for the agriculture sector in accordance with the Paris Agreement on Net Zero Emissions. 



What does that mean for the agricultural section?

Those targets demand action from all sectors, including agriculture that is expected to account for a third of total EU emissions by 2050. Agritech will play a significant role in reaching net zero emissions as farmers and other agricultural enterprises around the world begin to use renewable technology.

Delivering change within the agriculture sector is notoriously hard. Unlike many other production sectors, Agritech will play a significant role in reaching net zero emissions as farmers and other agricultural enterprises around the world begin to use renewable technology.

Over 80 countries, accounting for 75% of world emissions, have pledged to attain net-zero emissions.

Balancing the role of the agriculture sector, while meeting the need for increased climate action, is crucial. Change rests on the decisions of millions of individual farmers who face an already broad and increasing range of demands on their businesses and the land they manage.

The governments of the United Kingdom and the United States have established 2050 as the target date for reaching net zero emissions.

NOW is the time for investment and innovation to grip this industry driving the future of the whole agriculture sector.

Challenges include commercial demands such as the production of food (for EU consumption, and export), alongside a range of demands for other services to society such as flood risk management, protection of habitats and species, as well as providing recreational and cultural spaces. 


GAIA, a Cosmonauts event, has been in the works since early 2020, and we are finally able to celebrate the event's official launch for a sector that is so vital to human existence. To be able to highlight new technical solutions and research the future of agriculture as it is influenced by technology, innovation, and investment.

The conference will cover trends, technology, best practice and innovations within topics such as:

Indoor agriculture

Meat production


Open air farming

Modernising business models and much more

Together we will debate about the future of one of the most important sectors of every world economy.


  • Global Agritech Variable Rate Technology Market 2022: USD 7.4 billion                                        

  • Social, Environmental and Economic factors affecting industry change                                            

  • Food, Agriculture and Land Use recorded 13 Unicorns (Start-ups reaching $1Bn valuation in 2021) from a total of 78                                                        

  • Alternative foods and low Greenhouse Gas proteins, which has shown 111% YoY growth                                                                                                                         

  • 37% of the global land area is categorised as farming land, and by 2050, this area is likely to increase by a certain percentage, mainly due to the projected rise in population to 10 billion.






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