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Meet Some of Our Esteemed Speakers: GAIA's Agritech Visionaries Revealed!

Updated: Feb 12

The agritech industry's potential for a greener future is hindered by supply chain fractures and soaring energy costs. That's why GAIA—the Global Agritech Investment Assembly—is uniting brilliant minds to unlock this potential and carve a sustainable path ahead.

Set on the 28th of February, 2024, at the European Space Agency Convention Centre in Oxfordshire, GAIA stands as THE premiere agritech investment event to ignite innovations in the new year.


Meet the Visionaries Pioneering Voices Shaping Agritech's Future

Featuring a dynamic program filled with keynote sessions, panel discussions, and engaging fireside chats, GAIA offers attendees invaluable insights from top agritech figures and seasoned investors—keeping you ahead in industry trends.

Let's introduce you to some of our esteemed speakers:

🍏 Bill Liao, General Partner, SOSV

🍏 Charlie Guy, CEO and Co-Founder, LettUs Grow 

Charlie's company pioneers aeroponic tech, greenhouse control software, and vertical farms, revolutionising sustainable farming into a viable business.

🍏 Rebecca Todd, Investment Director, Longwall Ventures

Rebecca, an investment director and speaker, specialises in managing early-stage life science and medical tech firms, such as LettUs Grow.

🍏 Matija Zulj, CEO and Co-Founder, AGRIVI

A leading innovator in foodtech and agtech, promoting sustainable food systems and AI in agriculture while holding influential roles in international organizations and educational institutions.


Are You a Pioneer In Agritech?

Connect with investors and agritech companies and showcase your journey at the Global Agritech Investment Assembly as a featured speaker! Share your insights and innovations, at GAIA, where the industry's brightest minds converge to pave the way for a greener future.

Let's ignite innovation together at GAIA! 🌱

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