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GAIA Timed Agenda and New Speakers Reveal!

Updated: Feb 12

Scheduled for the 28th of February, 2024, at the European Space Agency Convention Centre in Oxfordshire, the Global Agritech Investment Assembly is poised to redefine the future of agritech.

This event unites agritech leaders and investors to drive impactful change, breaking supply chain barriers and addressing rising energy costs. Together, we're fostering innovation and sustainability, propelling the industry's evolution forward.


Timed Agenda Sneak Peak 👀

Delve into a special sneak peek of GAIA's latest timed agenda, revealing the essential themes shaping agritech:

10:50-11:35 | PANEL DISCUSSION | Cultivating Growth: Navigating the Investment Landscape in Agritech

  • Gain insights into the unique dynamics and opportunities in agritech investments, driving industry growth and shaping the future of agriculture.

  • Explore strategies to attract and engage investors in the agritech sector, addressing their concerns and building trust through investor education and awareness initiatives.

  • Discover how to leverage government grants, incentives, and support programs to optimise the growth potential of agritech ventures.

15:00-16:20 | PANEL DISCUSSION | Powering Sustainable Growth: Strategies for Energy Efficiency and Cost Reduction in Agritech

  • Understand the significance of sustainable energy usage in agritech and explore the benefits of adopting energy-efficient practices for long-term sustainability and profitability.

  • Discover strategies for optimising energy consumption and reducing costs in agritech operations through innovative technologies, smart resource management, and operational efficiency measures.

  • Explore the integration of renewable energy sources into agritech systems, learning about the benefits, challenges, and successful implementation strategies of utilising clean and renewable energy to power operations.

17:05-17:25 | STANDALONE PRESENTATION | Revolutionising Precision Farming: The Impact of Robotics and AI

  • Discover the transformative potential of these cutting-edge technologies in optimising agricultural practices, improving productivity, and ensuring sustainable resource management.

  • Gain insights into the latest advancements in robotics and AI applications, from autonomous machinery and drones to data-driven decision-making systems.

  • Explore real-world case studies and success stories that showcase the tangible benefits of integrating Robotics and AI into precision farming.

Discover comprehensive insights into navigating the agritech investment landscape, driving sustainability, optimising energy efficiency, and exploring the impact of Robotics and AI. Click the button below to download the full agenda and access the complete overview of these pivotal topics.


Meet the New Additions to the GAIA Speaker Line-Up

At GAIA, our esteemed speakers will lead pivotal discussions on navigating the agritech investment landscape, transforming supply chains, optimising energy efficiency, and championing critical themes driving agricultural innovation. 

Through keynote sessions, panel discussions, and fireside chats, they'll offer invaluable insights, illuminating industry trends and presenting strategies for impactful change, ensuring an enriching exploration of the future agritech landscape and keeping attendees ahead in industry advancements.

Let's introduce some of our new speakers:

🍏 Matija Zulj, CEO and Founder, AGRIVI

Matija, a visionary impact entrepreneur and tech innovator, leads AGRIVI to revolutionise global food production, empowering Fortune 500 companies to cultivate sustainable, nutritious crops and positively impact over a billion lives.

🍏 Mark Durno, Managing Partner, Rockstart

Passionately dedicated to catalysing change in the food industry, Mark actively funds and empowers purpose-driven agritech and foodtech founders, driving the transformation towards a regenerative and sustainable future food system through innovation and impactful solutions.

Let's ignite innovation together at GAIA! 🌱

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